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Reiner was founded in 1928. Our company looks to international expansion and is committed to customer satisfaction as a basis for sustained growth and profitability over the long term.

We are dedicated to the development and manufacture of plastic parts with high technical requirements.

Mission and values

The fact that Reiner has pursued its activity since 1928 has not been a random decision – it is the result of years of work and effort, backed up by solid values that have sustained the Reiner philosophy and way of doing things.

We are referring to values such as respect for individuals, quality and efficiency, a results and customer-based orientation, proactivity, know-how, positivism (in facing challenges and dealing with setbacks) and innovation.


From when Ernst Reiner founded REINER in 1928 up until well into the 21st century of the present time, REINER has transformed itself from a small family business into a company that enjoys a presence on the international stage, and one which uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure it remains a reference point in the manufacture of plastic components that it supplies to the most demanding sectors of industry.


The growth and expansion experienced by the REINER GROUP has led it to set up companies that specialise in different sectors, and resulted in the need for a plant in Poland so as to supply new markets under optimum conditions. REINER GROUP is today a solid, diversified business group with a global and multi-sector presence.