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Conditions for partial reproduction

The conditions for partial reproduction of the website are as follows:

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Web update

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The information contained in these web pages is current as of the date of its last update and must be considered as indicative information for the user, relating to products and services and other information contained in these pages. The user can confirm the date of the update of any information, if requested, through the e-mail box available on the website itself.

Responsibility for the contents of the website

REINER GROUP disclaims any liability arising from the misuse of the contents and reserves the right to update them at any time, delete them, limit them or prevent access to them, temporarily or permanently.

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Responsibility with links

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Responsibility for safety

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Data confidentiality

REINER GROUP informs that to allow users to access some of the services of the web, it is necessary to proceed to the collection of personal data. In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, and other legislation that develops or is applicable, REINER GROUP reports that it will proceed to the creation of an automated file of personal data, which will collect those data that are necessary to allow access and use of web services.

REINER GROUP guarantees the adoption of appropriate measures to ensure the confidential treatment of such data.

The user will be responsible, in any case, for the veracity of the data provided. If the user wishes to know or modify the data collected, simply send an email to

Ownership of images

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